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Wandering Downtown West Palm Beach

Hey there Readers!

You may remember my Key Largo blog post from earlier this summer when I worked with Share a Little Sunshine. They are my favorite Florida based Instagram account, posting amazing photos and facts about the sunshine state. This November, they reached out to me again to join them for a #loveFLBlockParty in Downtown West Palm Beach! It was a great opportunity to explore a new place, and meet a few other fellow SoFLo Instagrammers.

Our day started at Subculture Coffee. A hip coffee shop featuring the freshest brews and good vibes.

We took a few photos with the Albert Einstein mural by the amazing artist Eduardo Kobra, located on the East alleyway.

Then headed inside to get some caffeine. While in line, I started paying attention to the d├ęcor and vibe of the cafe. It seemed very hip, with fresh bags of coffee beans waiting to be milled into a delectable drink. But I found myself focused on the ceiling, which is a mish-mash of black and white vintage looking photos, graphics,…

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