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My Etsy Shop -The Side Hustle that Supports my Wanderlust - LalasMermaidShop

Hey Readers!

I've been thinking about re-opening my Etsy Shop for a few months, but the stress of moving and trying to get my life in order has delayed my plans for a while. I finally sat down last week and got it all up and running, and I am so excited to share it with you all!

*Disclaimer:This post may or may not contain affiliate links. Meaning, I could make a small commission if you make a purchase through links in this post, at no cost to you! You are simply supporting my job as a blogger and content creator. My views and opinions are never swayed. And I will only recommend places or products that I actually use, approve of, and love.

Why Etsy?
I first want to say why I'm opening a shop. And the truth is: I love creating. I've shared with you in the past about my love for art, but the way I express my artistic ability has changed every couple of years. 

For instance, as a child, my siblings taught me how to use photoshop. I would create digital drawings of photos, make the…

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