Birthday Adventure in the Everglades

Hello there!

Every year when my birthday rolls around I always want to spend the day doing something I love or enjoy. Obviously, my first choice would have been to spend the day at the beach... but since my birthday is in January, it really doesn't make sense to go there. So I decided to explore my second favorite place, the Florida Everglades.

I've got a lot of favorite spots in the Everglades I enjoy wandering, but a more recent favorite is actually the official Everglades National Park. Technically speaking, I've been there loads of times, just never through the official entrance all the way down south in Homestead, FL. It was my fourth time going through there this year, but my first time going with a nice DSLR. I took almost 1000 photos in the 5-6 hours we were out there and loved every minute of it. Now I can't show you all of the photos, cause you would probably get bored. (And, to be completely honest, a lot of them didn't come out so great, I'm still learning how to get the best exposure!) I've chosen a few of my favorites to feature in this blog post.

Came across this twisted and broken boardwalk. Probably damaged during Hurricane Irma a few months back.

An American Alligator showed up to say Hi!

Everything about the day was perfect. The sky was beautifully blue, the sun was shining bright, and a chilly 45° breeze kept the air nice and crisp. I had a great time, and can't wait to go back!


P.S.: Head over to my other blog post for my outfit details!


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