Charming Charleston - Day 2

Hi there readers!

If you haven't already read my last post about my first day in Charleston, please go check it out so you're caught up!

On my second day in Charleston, South Carolina, I woke up to a stunning sunrise. Luckily, my room at the Hilton had an East facing window so I can take photos without going out into the cold.

Before coming on this trip I had done a bit of research and found the Waterfront Park. It was one of the places on my list that I knew I wanted to visit, so on this Sunday morning we walked over. It was a beautiful day of blue skies and sunshine. But it was also 32° F! Plus with the breeze coming from the Atlantic Ocean, the "feels like" was 27° F... Like woah that is freezing for this Florida Mermaid.

What attracted me most to this park was of course the pineapple fountain.

"Be a pineapple. Stand tall, wear a crown & be sweet on the inside."

I didn't get enough pictures of Rainbow Row on the previous day, so we walked back over there to get some more shots.

I stopped off at the hotel for some hot tea to warm up a bit.

The went to lunch at Amen Street. Now, I don't normally eat "junk food", but their burger and fries were delish!

At the Nathaniel Russell House, our tour guide informed us on the history of the house and Russell family. As well as the inner workings of the huge floating staircase. (Unfortunately, I didn't get any photos of the inside of the house. They have a policy about putting guests large bags in a locker. So my camera was safely stored away for the tour.)
I did, however, get super excited about this large tree on the property. I've never actually seen orangey-red leaves on a tree before! I'm from South Florida so I've never seen the "leaves changing". (Stay tuned for my next post to see even more changing leaves I discovered!)

One of my favorite things about Downtown Charleston is that we got to walk everywhere. And, in doing so, got a different perspective on all the architecture and style of the buildings like this one below. The Mills House at Wyndham Grand Hotel is in the French Quarter area, so many of the buildings have a version of this balcony type on them.

We had a late dinner at Poogan's Porch. But beware, their complimentary biscuits are very delicious, but also filling. I only ate one and didn't have a big appetite by the time dinner was served!

So that was my second day in Downtown Charleston! I hope you're enjoying reading my blog as much as I love writing them. I'm also working on a third Charleston post to hopefully publish in the next couple days. I'll let you know on my Instagram when it's up!



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