Taking an IG break

Hey there Internet!

So, I admit that I've taken a bit of a break from my usual posts. And I did it for a few reasons.

Around Christmas I noticed a severe drop in my engagement on my Instagram. I was not getting a lot of likes, comments, or follows on what I thought was great content. It's frustrating for a person like me who works so hard to create great content to share on the interwebs. Turns out that I was "shadowbanned." Basically IG was blocking my posts from being seen on the hashtags I use. So people that do not follow me could not see them. Its IG's way of sifting through "bots." This continued to happen on and off for a couple weeks. I read a lot of websites that suggested I report the issue (which I did... many times.) But they also said taking a break from being so active can sometimes help. 

Then, a couple days after my birthday, my nephew was born! It was a pretty busy 2 days visiting with family at the hospital. And every second we were not with them, I was packing for a trip to South Carolina. 

With these things going on, I really didn't feel that inspired to post. And I never want to put up a photo just to say I did it. Plus I was going on vacation to a new place, and a break from checking the internet seemed like a good idea.
And it. was. so. refreshing! I spent 3 entire days exploring the beautiful downtown Charleston, rather than looking down at a 5 inch screen. (Well, not really, I did post on my Insta Stories a couple times but that's it, I swear!) 

I'm still waiting to get back to posting 'til next week, since I don't know if I'm still shadowbanned. But in the meantime I thought I would update you on a little bit of whats going on. I have a ton of photos to sort through and edit from the trip. But once I work out all of that I will share all about my SC adventures.
I really do love sharing photos of my mermaid lyfe with you all, so thank you for sticking around even when I go a bit quiet.



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