Pinecrest Gardens Pathways - Miami, Florida

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Hey guys!

In my spare time I like looking through Google Maps to find places around South Florida that I haven't been to before (or been to in a while). One place I discovered while searching is Pinecrest Gardens. It's basically a large garden with pathways winding through various tropical plants, ponds, and trees. I'm sure you know that I love all things relating to a tropical paradise, so this is definitely one of my favorite spots in Miami to wander. Since I can't go anywhere without my Nikon, I of course took a bunch of photos of my day.

Here are some of my favorite leaves and plants I found along the way. I love how many different greens there are in nature!

At the time of my visit, there was a big "maze" sculpture made out of sticks by Patrick Dougherty. It was truly incredible walking through the Stickwork, because only then can you appreciate the hard work and dedication it took to create the masterpiece. The "walls" wind up, down, and around to create doors and windows as they wind through each other. I felt like a kid in an adult sized playground of sticks!

Towards the end of the walk through the shaded gardens, the path opens up to a large pond that some egrets, swans, turtles, and iguanas were chilling out by. I decided to take an instax of the pretty view for my 365 instax-a-day project I started earlier this year using my Mini 90 Neo Classic.

That concludes my day at Pinecrest Gardens! I encourage you to look through Google for places around your city that you may not have heard of or been to. I know so many people that travel away from home every chance they get, and don't explore places in their own backyard! I think you'd be surprised at what you can find by some simple Google searches for things to do.



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