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Good Evening!

I realized recently how easily I lose track of time when I'm swimming in the sea. By the time I notice how long it's been, I'm sunburnt, tired, and incredibly thirsty. So, a couple weeks ago I started researching waterproof watches and came across Freestyle USA on Instagram. I loved how many different styles they come in, and how they can suit everyone's taste.
Best waterproof watch

I asked my fellow mer-babes on IG Story to help me decide which print I should get, and most of you chose the Aloha Paradise Green! (Which is perfect because that's the one I had my eye on!)

Waterproof dive watch

I've played around with it in the pool a couple times, so I'm going to give you my honest review. In short, I love it! It fits comfortably on my wrist, and feels surprisingly light. I haven't had any trouble reading the screen in bright sunlight, whether above or below the water. At night, or in a really dark room, I can press the Light button to brighten the screen for a few seconds.

Freestyle Watches discount

A feature I didn't think I was going to use but ended up liking, was the stopwatch and timer modes. I've been teaching myself to freedive this summer and it's been really handy to time my breath holds and keep track of it accurately. 

Freestyle Watches discount

Lucky for you, Freestyle Watches has given me an exclusive discount code just for my followers! So if you're interested, check out their website here. Once you've added something to your cart you can enter the code "Mermaid-10" for 10% off. 

I've worn my watch every time I go to the beach or pool this summer. Not only because of how convenient and functional it is but also 'cause it's super cute! (I'm a sucker for all tropical printed things...) Don't worry, if this isn't your style, they have TONS more to chose from. I'm sure you'll find the perfect one for you!

Underwater portrait


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