Lyfe Update - Birthday Fun, Red Tide Troubles, and Decluttering my desk!

Hey there interwebs!

So I wanted to come on here quickly and update you on whats been going on the last few weeks.

I'll start with a big day with family.
My neice recently became obsessed with Jurassic Park. So her birthday was a huge Jurassic DIY obstacle course extravaganza. There was an "electric" fence to manouvre through, zorb ball down the field, run from the dinosaurs, a zip line, and even dig through "poop" for candy and Barbasol cans.
Since it was an obstacle course, I thought it would be fun to strap on my GoPro and go on through it. So here are a few cell phone and GoPro shots from the day.
They went ALL OUT. And I think it was totally worth the effort in creating everything for the birthday bash. Everyone had a great time.

After the fun filled day, I quickly packed up for a trip to Hollywood Beach.
My vacation started off a bit rocky. There was lots of seaweed, intense winds, really choppy waves, and a high chance of rip currents. 

Then there was a few days of red tide. Basically, runoff from Lake Okeechobee put the algae blooms into overdrive and has been affecting Florida's Gulf Coast for a few months. In the last couple weeks they found it on the Atlantic Coast, between Palm Beach all the way down to Miami.
The levels off the Hollywood coast were in the very low to low levels. So it could've been a lot worse. But the air smelled, I had a tickling cough, and fish were washing up dead on the shore. 

Everything cleared up the last couple days of my trip. So I was FINALLY able to go swimming. Even on my last day there, I woke up super early to have enough time to spend a couple hours in the sea before checking out. It was the total opposite from the week before. Super calm, clear, not a speck of seaweed, and happy pompano fish swimming by.

I'm back at my home (on land) now with the intention of getting to work on all of the photos I took on the trip. But I was having trouble focusing at my desk. It was full of clutter, random papers, and makeup. 

After cleaning everything off, and only keeping the essentials handy, I got rid of this huge hutch that was part of the desk. I then rearranged the furniture in my room so that when I look up from my laptop, I have a view of the plants and palm trees outside my window.
(Here's a quick view of my desk right now!)

I'm sat here in my new setup ready to tackle my to-do lists and get to work on my photos. It may take a minute but I will be sharing some fresh new content soon so stay tuned!



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