Wandering Downtown West Palm Beach

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You may remember my Key Largo blog post from earlier this summer when I worked with Share a Little Sunshine. They are my favorite Florida based Instagram account, posting amazing photos and facts about the sunshine state. This November, they reached out to me again to join them for a #loveFLBlockParty in Downtown West Palm Beach! It was a great opportunity to explore a new place, and meet a few other fellow SoFLo Instagrammers.

*Disclaimer: I may earn a small commission for purchases made through some of the links on this page. My views and opinions are never swayed and will only recommend products I love.

Our day started at Subculture Coffee. A hip coffee shop featuring the freshest brews and good vibes.

We took a few photos with the Albert Einstein mural by the amazing artist Eduardo Kobra, located on the East alleyway.

Then headed inside to get some caffeine. While in line, I started paying attention to the décor and vibe of the cafe. It seemed very hip, with fresh bags of coffee beans waiting to be milled into a delectable drink. But I found myself focused on the ceiling, which is a mish-mash of black and white vintage looking photos, graphics, and posters.

(Side note: right before leaving I spotted someone with an acai bowl that looked DEVINE. Definitely want to come back and try it next time!)

Our second stop was at Hullabaloo, where we gathered for lunch in their beautiful back patio.

I was obsessed with taking photos of the purple flowers that hang above the little courtyard.

Fun fact: these are actually clematis flowers, which is perfect since the restaurant is located on Clematis Street!

Beside the regular patio tables and chairs is an Airstream Overlander from the 1960's. It was a nice and cozy spot to eat, with padded seats and fairy lights draped all around. Plus it makes for a cute Instagram photoshoot!

Hullabaloo is known for its wood-fired stone oven, where they fired up yummy pizza with some zucchini chips on the side.

The next stop on our agenda was 215 Speakeasy. It's a secret bar, so I shouldn't tell you its exact location. (I wouldn't want to be caught red handed.😉) Though normally only open at night, we were invited in to learn about the speakeasy, their drinks, and events they have going on. The bartender Vincent Toscano makes all kinds of hand-crafted cocktails. Including absinthe, which was very cool to see. After pouring one shot of absinthe into a glass, he lights a sugar cube on fire, and places it on a slotted spoon on top. Then water is slowly added to dilute and mix them together. (You can see the process in my IG Story.)

I had a couple sips of the absinthe, and it was very good. (Please drink responsibly, it has a much higher percentage of alcohol than most drinks.) But for sure my favorite drink was the punch he served! It was a mix of tropical fruits and flavors with rum, which was very refreshing on a hot Florida day.

I can tell that Vincent is very passionate about his job. He was speaking about his craft like a true artist, with a fine French accent I might add. 

Our final stop of the day was the West Palm Beach Greenmarket. It's an event hosted every Saturday from October through April that features bottomless mimosas, fresh produce, snacks, plants, and gifts you can purchase.

They also informed us of the upcoming event at the Greenmarket called Sandi Land. Sandi is a 35 foot tall tree sculpted out of 700 tons of sand! The music and light show will start on November 29, and run through to the end of 2018. 

I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of cool art I saw just by walking a few blocks down Clematis Street.

It was so nice getting to meet other IGers like myself and I wanted to include a photo of our group!

Here we are, pictured from left to right.
@lalas_mermaid_lyfe @jerrykestel @aaronnosbisch @skyesherman 
@the.global.local @kevin.barata @eatpalmbeach @localmomscoop 
Photo credit to @angelacruztube

Huge thanks to the teams at Downtown West Palm Beach and Share a Little Sunshine for inviting me to this block party! I genuinely had a great time and I'm already making plans to go back!



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