Favorite Florida Photo Prints - For sale!

Hey Guys!!

I've received a few DM's from you asking if I had prints of my photography available to purchase. After a couple of months debating it, I'm excited to announce that I now have prints for sale! I grabbed some of my favorite photos from my Instagram posts and experiences that you, my fellow mer-babe followers, seem to love as well!

*Disclaimer: I am not being sponsored by any of the links on this page. My views and opinions are never swayed and will only recommend products and places I love.

Each print is made of a thick recycled paper and has a matte finish. It measures 4in x 4in, including the white border. There is only one of each print available, so it's on a first-come-first-serve basis. All the prints are listed in my Etsy Shop as well, for fast and easy free shipping!

To make things a bit easier, I decided to divide them up by the places I took the photos. The prints that are still available for purchase will each have their corresponding links.

Fort Lauderdale
Here is the one I took at the Pelican Grand Beach Resort in Fort Lauderdale. I loved this one because it is a split shot, meaning half in the water and half above. I was actually really lucky I got it without any people in the way!
Pelican Grand Print

Blowing Rocks/Coral Cove
If you've read my Blowing Rocks blog post, or have visited it yourself, you'd know just how incredible this Florida beach is. Because of the everchanging tides, I have a different experience every time I go. Although I took thousands of photos this day, these two were my favorites. It shows just how large, and how small, the Anastasia limestone can be.
Blowing Rocks Print


I took these in my own back yard! After a rainstorm, my hibiscus plant, "Lola", collected a few water droplets on its petals. I was pretty new to the world of photography, (still am), so it was great practice for me to get more comfortable with manual macro settings.
Miami Palms Print

Key Largo

This was my FAVORITE day of 2018. I was invited to explore the coral reefs of John Pennekamp State Park and create content. (Read more on that here!) It has always been a dream of mine to swim through the corals, and it made me want to fight for the ocean even more.
Blue Tang School Print
Healthy Reefs Print
Reef Views Print

Hollywood Beach
I loooooooove Hollywood! The Atlantic is usually clear turquoise-aqua, plus the ocean breeze blows through the palms for constant tropical vibes.

Even though it's one of my favorite spots for photo shoots, people still look at me funny when I'm walking down the beach with a big bag, pineapples, and a tripod. They should be used to it by now! I mean, that's a normal thing, right?
Pineapple Good Vibes Print
Path to Paradise Print
Ocean View Print
Fishy Friends Print

Sanibel Island
Words simply cannot express my love for Sanibel. I grew up going there, and know the island very well. Countless memories spent with family having fun in the sun, picking seashells, and watching the sunrise. It's the ultimate tropical paradise.
She Sells Seashells Print
Sanibel Sunset Print
Sanibel Moorings Path Print
Palm Tree Jungle Print

Pompano Beach
Although Pompano is known for its' rough waves and watersports, I had a few calm days. The water was so clear, with barely any clouds in the sky. I'm so happy the way my photos came out, it made for a great week of creating content!
Crystal Waves Print
Crystal Seas Print
Hillsboro Sunrise Print
Make a Wish on a Starfish Print
Palm Tree Sunrises Print
Seafoam Covered Seashore Print
Every Seashell Has a Story Print

As I said before, these are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Printed on high quality, thick, matte, and 100% recycled paper. I'm selling each 4" print for $5.

I also put together a few sets of prints, at a discounted price!
Good Vibes Print Set
Love Florida Print Set
Ocean Minded Print Set


*Please note: Some of the prints in these photos have been sold. But feel free to reach out to me to see if it is available.


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