How to Achieve your Goals with a Positive Mindset

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About two weeks ago, someone from VoyageMIA reached out to me for permission to share one of my photos. It was for an article featuring other local boss babes like myself, in hopes to inspire others with an answer to their question of the month:

What is the best advice you have for someone who feels like they are facing insurmountable odds.

I thought about my answer for a few minutes, and eventually came up with this:

"I myself have felt like this with many obstacles throughout my life. As someone who’s gone through it, my advice is to take it day by day. Some of my biggest goals have only been successful when I took the proper steps to working towards them. I suggest writing a list of things that need to get done in order to reach the ultimate goal. Then check it off one by one (trust me, it works!). Accept the challenge with a positive mindset and try your absolute best. I believe in you!"

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So I wanted to extend the conversation a little bit. 

To me, the term "insurmountable odds" means something you perceive as unachievable. But just because you think it's impossible or too difficult to overcome, does not mean you won't complete it! Sometimes we wallow in these negative thoughts. We let it get the best of us, tell ourselves "it's impossible, so why bother trying."


I am a firm believer that having a positive mindset will give you a more positive life. And I try to incorporate that into my daily routine. I'll be honest, it does not always work. I'm a female with a loooooot of emotions, and those emotions can overwhelm me at times. 

Having said that, when it comes to setting my goals, I know that in order for things to work out properly, I need to put these emotionally negative thoughts aside. Change the way I respond to unfavorable opinions. Instead of dreading the amount of effort or work that has to go into something, I think about the endgame. Of how amazing it will feel when everything is accomplished. Which also makes me think, "Well, how am I going to get there?"

This brings me to my second tip. MAKE LISTS.

I feel like there's some kind of list, either mental or physical, going on in my life at all times. I mean sure, there's always the weekly grocery list in the kitchen... But what I'm talking about is the bigger picture.

Like I said in the interview, the best way to face your insurmountable odd is to focus on it one step at a time. It is so satisfying writing out my to-do list for the day then checking off each task as I complete it. Having a planner, and various notebooks and pens, is my favorite way to organize my life.

At the top of your page, write the big goal you want to achieve. Think about what steps you need to do in order to get there. Then, in a list format, write out each thing with as much detail as possible. (You can always add more info later on as well.) Be sure to go back to your list and check off what you've done.

I know that if I ever feel discouraged, I can always look back at my list and say, "I have a few more things to do, but look at what I've done already! I'm more than halfway towards the finish line." Putting a more optimistic spin on your outlook will help motivate you to complete it.

I hope my tips helped you in some way! If you want to read the whole article by VoyageMIA, you can check it out here.

I wish you all the best!


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