Amazing Anna Maria - Day in my Lyfe - 2

Hey guys!

In my last post, I talked about the first day of my trip in Anna Maria Island this past January. And yup, you guessed it, this one will be about day 2! Read on to see what I got up to in a wintery tropical paradise.

*Disclaimer: I may earn a small commission for purchases made through some of the links on this page. My views and opinions are never swayed and will only recommend products or places I love or enjoy. I am not being sponsored by any of the places mentioned in this post. Just want to share my experience on this lovely island!

So on Saturday I woke up extra early (5:30 a.m.) to eat and get some stuff ready. Before leaving Miami I had prepared an Oatmeal Bake to take with us to have for breakfast with some fruit. I knew our room at the Sunrise Garden Resort had a full kitchen, so it would be easy to reheat my portion of oats each morning. (It's a great idea to save money as well!)

I then got dressed, grabbed my camera gear, and walked to the bay to see the sunrise. It was one of the most prettiest sunrises I've ever seen! 

The colors changed from corals...

to pinks...

to a bold and bright orange!

After a quick 3 minute walk back to the resort, I had a little #OOTD photoshoot!

Here are the deets:
Rings - Discount code: "LauraGarcia20"

Sunglasses - Discount Code: "LalaMermaid20"
Teddy Jacket
My red top is from Old Navy a couple years ago, but I found a similar one here

I couldn't find the link to my boots, but these are similar

Ginny and Jane E's
By mid-morning the rest of my family had woken up, and wanted to head out for breakfast. So we met up with them at Ginny and Jane E's. It's a cool café with eclectic décor and a lot of options on their menu. Since I had eaten my breakfast 4 hours earlier, I was already getting hungry! I grabbed a tropical smoothie with mango, pineapple, strawberry, coconut, and almond milk. It was soooooo good!

Manatee Trolley
From there we hopped on the MCAT. It is a free trolley service on Anna Maria Island that runs from Coquina Beach all the way to the Anna Maria City Pier. (You can find the routes here.)

We took the trolley Southbound, with our first stop being Manatee Beach.

Manatee Beach

I first went up the lifeguard stand to get a bit of a higher view. That's when I noticed just how many "snow-birds" in swimsuits out getting some sun!

It was a much windier and chilly day than the day before, so the ocean was full of waves. It churned up the sand, making it harder to appreciate the typically clear water. 

After shaking the sand from our shoes, we hopped back on the trolley 'til we reached Bridge Street.

Bridge Street Shops

Along this road is a few different shops, restaurants, and even a mini golf course. But my favorite store I went to was the Bridge Street Interiors. The sign outside said "Mermaid Haven" so I just had to go in! It was full of mermaid and beachy themed EVERYTHING. From signs, to scarves, jewelry, cups, and even Christmas ornaments.

Words to live by!

We continued walking East towards the Bridge Street Pier. (I couldn't stay on the pier too long because it was soooo windy! Even though it was sunny, the temperature was about 55° F with 15 mph winds. This mermaid was COLD!)

Then the group sat down for lunch at the Bridge Tender Inn & Dockside Bar. It was a regular American style/bar food type restaurant. Since I was trying to "eat clean" on this trip, there weren't that many options for me. I ended up going for a grilled chicken sandwich with chips on the side, that I took to go as a snack for my sister.

We made our way back to the MCAT stop nearby to hop back on the trolley. It was getting towards late afternoon at this time, on a Saturday, so there was a bunch of traffic. However, my big group of funny Cuban cousins and the trolley driver were sharing stories and telling jokes the whole ride. The interesting conversation and pretty beach scenery made the drive nice and entertaining.

Sandbar Restaurant
Our group met up for happy hour at the Sandbar Restaurant and to watch the sunset... but unfortunately the horizon was very cloudy, and I only saw a peek of some pretty sunset colors before it got dark. Plus it started getting even more windy and cold by this point. (50° F with 20-25 mph winds!)

We ended up staying at Sandbar for dinner as well. Luckily they were able to sit us next to some bushes that blocked the wind and heating lamps to keep us warm!

Now, I'm kind of going back on my word about the whole "clean eating" thing... because I went total opposite of something I would normally eat, and got the chicken and waffle. The waffle was pumpkin flavored, with blueberry butter and topped with crispy chicken and maple syrup. Was the indulgence worth it? ABSOLUTELY.

After a cold late night at the beach, all I wanted was a warm shower, cozy pajamas, and a good nights rest... Just so I could wake up for another day of adventure!

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