My 3 Current Must-Have GoPro Accessories

Hey guys!

Since buying my first GoPro last year, I've been keeping my eye out for some cool accessories to go along with it. Specifically, in the last couple of weeks, I've been researching bite mounts and a vertical frame. Read on to see the ones I've found to be the best!

*Disclaimer: I may earn a small commission for purchases made through some of the links on this page. My views and opinions are never swayed and will only recommend products and places I love.

Bite Mount

A bite mount is a general term for any GoPro mount that you hold in your mouth. Depending on the brand, it could also be called a snorkel mount, chomps, mouth mount, or grill mount.

Most of the brands I read about use an all silicone/rubber mouthpiece. (Like the shape and feel of a snorkel.) Although the rubber style might be more comfortable, it doesn't absorb the shock and shakiness very well. So they suggest attaching a Floaty Backdoor to help it rest against your chin. Even with the floaty, there is still some visible vibrations and shaking (especially on the GoPro Hero 5 and 6, but not as bad with the Hero 7 HyperSmooth mode.)

I did a ton of research on all these mounts before finally choosing the Pro Standard Grill Mount. It's different than the others because of the plastic body. So as you run, swim, or jump, the GoPro stays firm with no bouncing. The ends in your mouth have a rubbery coating, so it doesn't hurt your teeth, and can even be heated and formed for your own bite pattern.

One of the best things about this mount is also its versatility. It's easy to grip in your hand, act as a small tripod, and even fold into a hook to quickly slip over your shirt or pants.

I also switch between having the camera in front of my nose or hang below my chin by simply rotating the whole thing around.

Vertical Frame
The frame is what goes around the GoPro camera, and allows you to mount it to any of the various accessories. When you buy a GoPro, they usually come with a standard one that's in a horizontal position:

Most of the time, I prefer taking photos and videos in a portrait position. (Especially for Instagram posts and Stories!) So until now, I've been using different thumbscrews and bulky mounts in order to take vertical GoPro shots. Which has been quite annoying and uncomfortable, especially when taking it underwater!

So I searched the inter-webs and found the GoPole Vertical Frame! It works just like the regular frame but positions the camera in a vertical/portrait position. I've only had it a few days, but I already love it.

Here are some test shots I took using the Grill Mount with the regular horizontal frame versus vertical frame.

Sleeve + Lanyard
Last year, GoPro released a silicone sleeve that fits around the GoPro Heros 5, 6, and 7. And comes with a long lanyard you can easily slip around your neck. I've had my pink sleeve for a few months, but just used it again over the weekend while watching the Pride Parade in South Beach. (You can see it hanging below the plethora of beads.)

It came in so handy!! I left it around my neck the whole day so it was always there and ready whenever I wanted to get the shot. The sleeve is a thick and sturdy silicone that not only protects it from bumps and scratches but also makes holding the GoPro easier with a more comfortable grip. I have the pink one (because it's my favorite color) but they also make it in black, blue, and white. So I've linked those below as well!

The items that are shown in this post:
GoPro Hero 5 Black
Grill Mount
Vertical Frame
Sleeve + Lanyard, pink
Sleeve + Lanyard, black, blue, white
Blenders Eyewear Red Starlet Sunglasses

So those are my current favorite GoPro accessories I've been using a ton lately! What I love about GoPro is being able to mount it on many different things to get a cool perspective. There are a few adventures I want to go on this year, and I'm so excited to come up with ways to capture it!



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