A Look into the Latest Video Platform: Firework

Hey Guys!!

I recently started getting into creating more video content to show more of my travels. And that's when I discovered the coolest new platform to share it on! The app called Firework, which is an immersive video experience that is the first of its kind! Keep reading to learn more about this totally free app that's taking the internet by storm.

*Disclaimer: This post may or may not contain affiliate links. Meaning, I could make a small commission if you make a purchase through links in this post, at no cost to you! You are simply supporting my job as a blogger and content creator. My views and opinions are never swayed. And I will only recommend places or products that I actually use, approve of, and love. 

What is Firework?
Firework is a short-form video social app that allows users to create and watch video content that is between 6-30 seconds long. The app is available and free for both the Apple App Store and Android's Google Play.

Once downloaded, simply sign in using your email, Instagram, or Facebook account. Then you get to select which type of content you like watching. Like comedy sketches and skits, travel videos, art, beauty tutorials, dancing, fashion tips, fitness inspo, recipes, are more! This will help Firework show you content they think you would be interested in. I can assure you, there is something on here for everyone!

The Reveal Feature
Firework is primarily for vertical (or portrait) oriented videos. But what sets them apart from any other platform is the "reveal" feature. Reveal allows you to combine horizontal and vertical video into one recording. Which gives the viewer a cool new perspective to the story.

While the video is playing, you simply rotate your phone and get to see a wider view of what's being shown. (This is not the same as when you rotate your phone to see a photo full screen.) The Reveal feature smoothly and effortlessly changes how much content you're watching as you rotate your phone back and forth.

What's also nice is that it is completely up to the creator (or person posting the video) whether or not to have the Reveal feature turned on. Meaning they can upload their content in strictly horizontal or vertical mode, or both (as Reveal.)


Much like other social media platforms, you can also search for people or content you want to see through Hashtags or in the Discover feed. This is a great way to find like-minded individuals or videos that interest you.


See a video you like? You can easily Repost it and share it with your friends. (It will appear on your profile.) Or you can send the video directly to someone, both in the Firework app or by sharing it to other places. (I.e. via email, other social media, texts, etc.)


You can also just save a video to your own Collections list. Your Collection is private and it's an easy way to check back at your list to rewatch something you like. I personally like saving things that interest me like places I want to travel to, photography tips, workouts, or even pretty makeup looks I wanna try.

What does all this mean?
I think it's pretty obvious that I love this app... which means I'll be sharing exclusive video content over on my profile, @lalasmermaidlyfe, and I highly recommend you check it out! I love photography and blogging, but putting together videos on Firework is giving my other ways to share my experiences with you all.

You can expect to see some exclusive video content of my travels and adventures that I haven't yet shared anywhere else!

Want an Instagram Shoutout?
I will be giving shoutouts on my Instagram account to anyone that follows me on Firework!

Here's how:

1. Download the Firework app and create a log in.
2. Go to the search bar and type in my username @lalasmermaidlyfe, (or tap the link!)
3. Follow me.
4. Take a screenshot that you followed me.
5. Then DM the screenshot to me on Instagram: @lalas_mermaid_lyfe (must follow me on there too.)

Make sure you do all the steps above, because as a thank you, I will give you a shoutout on my own Instagram Story!

I look forward to seeing you on Firework!



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