May 2019 Favorites

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I did a poll on my Instagram last week asking if you would like to see my monthly favorites... and so many of you said yes!! Well, if you were one of those people, thank you! I'm always open to suggestions or answering any questions about my #lyfe. In this post, I'll be talking about some of my favorite things I've been using this month. Keep reading for some suggestions on skincare, technology, lifestyle, fashion, and other random things!

Fashion Favorites for Summer

*Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page might be affiliate links. Meaning I could make a small commission if you make a purchase through links in this post, at no cost to you! You are simply supporting my job as a blogger and content creator. My views and opinions are never swayed. And I will only recommend places or products that I actually use, approve of, and love. 

By far my favorite skincare related item this May was Stream2Sea sunscreen. Summer weather is in full swing here in South Florida, which meant a few beach trips and days in the sun! I'm a huge advocate for healthy oceans, and when I learned about the devastating effects that chemical sunscreen has on our environment, I knew I needed to make a change.
reef safe sunscreen

Stream2Sea make mineral based and biodegradable sunscreen, lip balm, and other body care products that are proven safe for coral reefs. And they even go a step further to use packaging made of sugar cane resin and recycled milk jugs to reduce plastic use. I love their sunscreen, (specifically, I use the SPF 30 and Tinted SPF 30), because it is great at protecting my skin and I feel comfortable knowing it is 100% harmless for the environment. I used it a few times on my trip to NaplesBlue Spring State Park, and Melbourne and did not get any irritation or sunburn! I highly encourage you to check out Stream2Sea and you may use the code "LauraG10" for a discount on your entire purchase.

My next skincare favorite this Rose Quartz Roller. Which is basically a tool that you roll on your face, made up of a rounded and smooth rose quartz stone. It is used to de-puff the skin, which helps prevent wrinkles and drains the lymphatic fluids that build up beneath the skin. Some say it helps generate skin cell renewal as well, to improve uneven or dull skin complexion. It also just FEELS really good. The stone is cool to the touch, so it's therapeutic to roll all over my face. I personally like doing it at night after my skincare routine. But anytime I wake up tired or with a headache, I use it right when I get up. After a few rolls on my face and eyelids, I feel more awake and my eyes are less puffy.

Bonus tip: put it in the fridge for a few minutes before using, and it works even better!!

***Update, use this link to get the Rose Quartz Roller for up to 50% off! This promo will end at 11:59pm on July 9, 2019.


I recently saw a meme that said something like: "You know you're an adult when... you get excited about getting a new vacuum." Well, that was me this month. 😂 I wanted a vacuum that I can effortlessly whip around the house and clean everything. So we got the small but powerful Shark Rocket. It came with lots of attachments, multifunctional on the carpet, floor, furniture, and car detailing, and just really gets the job done!
bluetooth headphones

I typically like to listen to music or a podcast while I vacuum, so I've been using my Rose Gold Bluetooth Headphones a ton. The charge lasts a while, it can connect via Bluetooth or aux cord, and they're comfortable enough to wear for a few hours. I'm not one to spend $300+ on a pair of Beats, so these $33 Picun Headphones from Amazon work just as well!

This next one really isn't a specific product, but more of a habit I'm trying to correct. I've noticed in the last few years that I, like I'm sure most people, have a habit of slouching. Since I sit at a desk on my laptop most of the day, I find myself hunched over the keyboard, too busy concentrating to pay attention to how my body is feeling. After a couple hours, I get back pain, stiffness, I'm tired, and I just feel bad.

So this past month I've been consciously aware of how I'm sitting or standing to try and improve my posture. I remind myself to sit up straight, put a pillow behind my back, or use a posture corrector to make sure I'm comfortable. I also try to stand up and stretch every 30-60 minutes to ease out any kinks in my joints from sitting still. I'm not perfect by any means, but making a conscious effort to sit straighter is definitely helping my overall health!

I love almost anything with a tropical print, so when I saw this Patterned Jumpsuit from H&M, I knew it had to come home with me. It's the perfect outfit for summer, cause it's comfy, bright, and easy to throw on! (Plus it has pockets, which post rompers and dresses are seriously lacking these days.)
Tropical Romper from H&M

Even though most days I'm in a bikini or workout gear, there are many times where a more "normal" bra and a cute outfit is required. Lately, the underwire of my regular t-shirt bra has been uncomfortable, so I've just been avoiding wearing it for long periods of time. But then I saw an ad for a new Victoria's Secret Perfect Comfort line. So I decided to try them on at the store, and WOW. What a game changer. It holds the girls in (and up) without squashing them down or shaping them weird. Plus it comes in 3 styles depending on your taste! If you're like me and struggle to find well-fitting and comfy bra, I would look into the perfect comfort!
Palm tree print top from H&M

My last fashion fave is this palm printed top from H&M. (I bought it at my local H&M store, but can't find it online. 😕 This is the exact same top but without the print.) The smocked top with peplum bottom is super flattering! And I love that the straps tie in a bow on top of your shoulders. Although I haven't done it yet, you can probably tuck the straps into the top as well to change up the look.

At any given moment, there's always at least one tropical or beachy element to my outfit every day. And I've been loving adding these pieces from All Washed Up Jewelry to my daily looks. The Cowrie Trio is a perfect representation of my favorite place, the deep blue sea. While the Shark Tooth Circle Lariat reminds me of the oceans' epic apex predator, and how much I want to protect them!
Beach Outfit

I've been getting a lot of headaches recently, and I'm not too sure why. But a few months ago I got these BeKoool forehead strips from Amazon. And they work like a charm! Its a really soothing cooling sensation, and after a few minutes of wearing it, my headache is GONE. Since I'm not sure what's triggering my headaches at the moment, the BeKoool strips are an easy way to feel better, without having to take medications.

I wanted to update the furniture in my room, so one of the main things I changed was to this Ikea desk. I love how huge it is, with plenty of room to have my laptop, various notebooks, and other essentials on top.
Here's exactly what I got:
1 Linnmon Tabletop
1 Alex 5 Drawer Unit
2 Adils Legs 

Asus Laptop

Since the desk is a super clean, plain white, I'm terrified of scratching it or messing it up! So I got this Extra Wide Desk Pad. I wanted it to cover and protect an area big enough for my laptop and mouse, with added room for things on each side. This one worked out perfectly! (Plus its pink, which is obviously my favorite color.)


I feel very lucky to have been able to go on a couple trips this month, and both were SO amazing!
GoPro Dome

Ever since I heard that Florida is known as the "Spring State", I've always wanted to visit one. Well, this month my dream came true! A fellow Instagrammer, Marcy Yu, was visiting Miami for a couple days and asked me what I knew about Florida Springs. I gave her some info, and the next day my Mom, Marcy, Veronica, and I drove 4 and half hours to Blue Spring State Park! It was my first time swimming in freshwater, and I was pleasantly surprised by the clarity and coolness of it. (Literally "coolness", cause the temperature is 72°F year round.😨) But once I swam down 15-20 feet, I forgot all about the cold and was just fascinated by Mother Nature.

Swimming in Freshwater Spring

A few days later, for my besties birthday, we went on a #GirlsTrip weekend away to Melbourne, FL. Even though most of us had just met, we bonded very quickly and had an amazing 3 days together! We chatted over bonfires, swam into the rough ocean waves, spent almost 2 hours doing funny photoshoots, and danced the night away. We are currently planning our second trip together, and I am SO excited!!!

Girls Beach Trip

I had this idea to take a group photo and then add in some mermaid tails... So I drew this when we got back from our vacay!

Mermaid Tail Drawing

I'm sure I'll be putting together blog posts for each trip, so stay tuned for that!

I love watching documentaries about saving the ocean, and just our environment in general. So this month I watched Our Planet on Netflix. The footage and information these filmmakers were able to capture were INCREDIBLE! (They also have a behind the scenes episode, where they speak about what it was actually like to get this footage.) Our Planet gives so much insight into the state that Earth is in. And it's definitely a must watch!!!

My favorite podcast this month is The Health Code. I personally listen to it on Spotify, but I'm pretty sure it's available on other apps as well. @The.HealthCode is hosted by @Sarahs_Day and @KJTilse, and they talk about all things related to health and fitness. I've implemented a lot of their tips into my daily healthy lifestyle and they have helped so much! Plus they just had a little baby boy so it's just nice to hear about what's going on in their lives.

I wanted to include my favorite IGer at the moment, which is @ChessieKingg. She's funny, real, and most importantly, spreads body confidence like its nobody's business. She's not afraid to make videos of her jiggling her skin, posing in "unflattering" angles, and just encourages everyone to be their best self. 💖

My motivational quote of the month:
Motivational quote

So those are some of my favorite things I've been using, wearing, or watching this May! Let me know if you'd like to see more posts like this by commenting below or on my Instagram.

Perfect summer outfit from H&M

P.S.: I've linked more info on all of my outfit details in my 21 Buttons page. It's an app, kinda like Instagram, but made specifically for you to link anything and everything you're wearing in just one post. It's been much easier to keep up with, so you should definitely follow me on there for weekly outfit updates!

P.P.S.: I'll add in some links to anything else I used or are shown in the photos above in case I didn't mention it!
Laptop: Asus Q504
Camera: Nikon D3400
Underwater camera: GoPro Hero 5
Over/Underwater Dome: PolarPro 50/50
Tripod (Great for flat-lays): Vanguard Alta Pro


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