Prime Day 2019 - Sneak Peeks and Extra Discounts

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If you read my last blog post, then you'd know Amazon Prime Day is in just a few days on July 15-16, 2019. I wanted to create a second post with more details on how much you can save this Prime Day. Using some of the tips I already gave, I read through everything, did a lot of searching, and got some inside previews of the coming sales. (So this will be Part Two of my Prime Day posts!) Keep reading to get a head start at planning your prime purchases before the deals begin!

*Disclaimer: This post may or may not contain affiliate links. Meaning, I could make a small commission if you make a purchase through links in this post, at no cost to you! You are simply supporting my job as a blogger and content creator. My views and opinions are never swayed. And I will only recommend places or products that I actually use, approve of, and love.

For a full explanation of what Amazon Prime Day is, be sure to read my last blog post. I included some other useful info in there!

Before you can access any of the deals for Prime Day, you need to have an Amazon Prime account. So be sure to sign up beforehand to access all the amazing deals! You can use this link that will get you the first 30 days of Amazon Prime for free!

Okay. Now onto more deals...

How to unlock an additional 20% off
Follow the steps below to learn how to unlock an extra discount towards your purchases!

From July 8 to July 14, use the camera feature in the Amazon App between the hours of 6am and 12pm PDT. (9am and 3pm EST) With the camera feature, you can Search, View in Room, and Scan Barcodes.

There will be a pop-up notification after you use the camera feature, and it will only happen the first time. Be sure to tap on the pop-up to see the qualifying purchases available, then tap "Get Coupon" so it will be applied to your account. This will only happen once per day, so be sure take the proper steps or you'll miss out! Do everything right and you'll get an extra 20% off when your order of select deals!

Early Access DEALS
There are tons of deals happening on right now before Prime Day even starts! So for active and upcoming early access deals, head to this link. Both early access deals and Prime Day deals will only be for limited amounts of time. So it's best for you to plan ahead and use my Prime Day tips to make sure you get the best discount!

Whole Foods
Whole Foods is having a bunch of sales on items between July 10-16, 2019. I was able to get 40% off some of my usual groceries, just by shopping there. (For example, I bought my Orgain Plant-Based Protein Powder for $23 at Whole Foods on July 12. When the regular price in their store is $40.)

You can view the entire list of special Whole Foods Prime Day sales in the "Savings" section of the Whole Foods app, via this link, or look around for blue "Prime Day" signs in-store!

Plus: when you make a purchase at a Whole Foods store or via Prime Now, you'll get $10 off on Prime Day!

Here's how:

Download the Whole Foods Market app on your smartphone.
Sign in via your Amazon Prime account. (Don't have one? You can get your first 30 days free here: Amazon Prime Free Trial.)
Then, when you check out at the Whole Foods store, show the cashier your Whole Foods + Prime QR Code.
And, as long as you made a qualifying purchase of $10 or more, you will get $10 credited to your Amazon Prime Day purchase. (You'll see a -$10 in your checkout cart on Prime Day.)
They are also giving out a Whole Foods + Prime reusable bag! (Which I love, cause I'm always taking reusable bags with me every time I shop in stores.)

Here's a look at some deals you can expect for Prime Day
While the following deals are not available at the moment, these are a few sneak peeks at some discounts that will be live during July 15-16, 2019.

Savings on Netgear routers and Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatches.
Save up to 40% off Mophie Powerstation XL and other networking products
Savings on Dyson Vacuums and Purifiers
30% off select connected home devices and Tile
Save up to 50% on Astro A-40 TR headset and Levi's
Save up to 40% on luxury beauty brands like BaBylissPRO, FOREO, and Paul Mitchell
Savings for Microsoft Office 365 Home (Plus a $50 Amazon Gift Card!)
Up to 30% off MVMT Watches
30% off games from What Do You Meme?

Haus Laboratories
Lady Gaga is launching her own line of beauty products and will be available on Amazon, Haus Labs for preorder on Monday, July 15! I'm particularly excited about this launch because I've been a huge Lady Gaga fan, aka Little Monster, since her first album almost 11 years ago. This line of beauty products, titled Haus Laboratories, is designed to give everyone the tools they need to look like the brave, gorgeous, superhero that they find within themselves. (Gaga explained the meaning behind it much better on her Instagram post!) I'll definitely be adding Haus Labs to my Prime Day shopping list.

Other Items...
I will be adding items and deals I find to my Prime Day Idea List on my Amazon Storefront. Some of them are already on sale, while others are upcoming deals that I got the inside scoop on. 😉

So be sure to check back regularly on these Prime Day posts and my idea list for any updated info I share!

I've been putting a ton of work and research into these tips for Prime Day. And I welcome any questions you may have! Feel free to comment them down below and I'll get back to you. (Or DM me on Instagram, cause that might be faster!)

Happy shopping!




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